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    I would suggest a good hard hour at the range with a .454 casull... If the walls of the range can handle the percussion from the sheer magnitude of the explosion of those rounds. Might need an outdoor range, and you might get the "Dirty Harry" nickname for a while.. but.. Then any semi-auto .45 acp on down will feel like your plinking .22's.

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    After seeing Mikes comment regarding South Phoenix, I have to chime back in.

    I was raised in South Phoenix in the 40's and early 50's when it was still farm/dairy country. I walked all over the place day or night with no fear of any kind except the neighbors Brahama Bull might get loose. I would walk the 8 miles from home to downtown Phoenix to see a movie and then back after hours. Never 1 problem.

    Fast Forward to 2008: If I had a dire need such as a child or grandchild stuck down there by some misfortunate circumstance, I would have my M&P40 on one side my GP-100 on the other and a shotgun to my right with extra rounds. I would also attempt to get a friend to ride shotgun with another shotgun.

    In that situation mccoy, I would truly feel undergunned with only a 6 shot revolver.

    This is not to imply that all residents of South Phoenix are evil but enough are to make me not want to visit my childhood neighborhood.

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    One of the most famous debates in history occurred betwen Col. Charles Askins and Bill Jordan, appearing as a series of articles in one of the gun magazine. Col. Askins started it off with an article entitled "Sixguns Are Clunks!" Bill Jordan countered with an article entitle "Come Now, Charlie!"
    The series delighted the readers and sold magazines.

    I've shot both autoloaders and sixguns. I love the single action Ruger and Colts. In the field trails of 1900, the U.S. Army ran all contestants through every conceivable test, finally selecting (in 1911) the Colt Government Model, more or less. In my opinion, that pistol has not been surpassed as a combat weapon. Bear in mind, the Army's combat weapon is the Infantry rifle, not a pistol.

    The pistol offers the advantages already stated, power, accuracy, speed of reloading, easier follow-up shots, ruggedness, etc. And, even the auto loader can be a beautiful gun, blued, engraved, ivory grips, etc.

    The revolver, on the other hand offers the ability to digest a greater range of ammunition power levels, from pipsqueak loads to fire snorting magnum levels, without a hitch in functioning. Also, for long range shooting, the revolver offers more power for flatter shooting loads. And, for the handloader, the empty brass is dropped into the palm of the hand. Auto loaders throw the empties all over God's Kingdom.

    I enjoy the post hewre of those M1911s uncovered by correspondents here who stumble upon guns of some historic value. These can by no means be considered ugly.

    People have often asked me what I have against golf, or blackpowder, or archery. My reply is that I have nothing against these pursuits, I just don't want to devote the time away from my present shooting disicipline to take up any of these. So it is with the pistol to me.

    Bob Wright

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    Hey Mccoy,
    You live in the place where one of the most accurate auto's is made, that being the Tanfoglio. They make a series of pistols called "Force" (which is similar to the CZ pistols) that is extremely accurate and even used in competition, and they even make a 1911 which we can't even get here in the US. They also make a series especially designed for competition. Try a Tanfoglio (or Witness as they're called here in the US), I think you'll like it. I have a polymer compact in .45acp and I do.

    P.S. If you want to send me one of those Tanfoglio 1911's, I'll let you. LOL

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    I'm happy tanfoglio semiautos are appreciated in the sophisticated American market. I heard someone state they are far better than berettas, at least accuracy-wise.
    Your post made me curious, I went and collect some data. In the recent IDPA European championships 50% of the Italian contestants shot a Tanfoglio (mostly limited series and P21L). The witness 1911 model here sells at 668 Euro-dollars (about 140 cents to the US$).
    OK, next saturday at the range I'll try one.
    I heard some guys complain the percussor gave troubles. What I believe is the best production is exported, the crappy..ahem, the faulty stocks are left for the domestic market. Happens all the time here in Italy!!

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