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  • Winchester

    66 17.23%
  • Remington

    166 43.34%
  • Browning

    57 14.88%
  • Ithaca

    34 8.88%
  • Stoeger

    21 5.48%
  • Ruger

    8 2.09%
  • Benelli

    55 14.36%
  • Beretta

    28 7.31%
  • Franchi

    10 2.61%
  • Mossberg

    170 44.39%
  • H & R

    36 9.40%
  • SKB

    5 1.31%
  • Sears/Wards/Etc

    22 5.74%
  • High end competion guns (Krieghoff, Perazzi, Etc)

    1 0.26%
  • Custom

    4 1.04%
  • Not listed

    65 16.97%
  • Don't have one

    19 4.96%
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Thread: Shotguns

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    Tommy98016 is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2008
    I just have a 12 ga Mossberg


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    grb's Avatar
    grb is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2008
    Grandad's Winchester Model 12
    Grandad's Browning "Sweet 16" automatic
    Grandad's Savage .410 / .22 over under
    Mossberg 12 ga pump goose gun
    Ithaca 20 ga automatic

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    TheTreeWiseMen's Avatar
    TheTreeWiseMen is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2008
    'An Englishman in NY'
    Mossberg 500 'Cruiser' with top folding stock.

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    brokenviewfinder's Avatar
    brokenviewfinder is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2008
    So Cal
    Quote Originally Posted by falshman70 View Post
    Here's my baby - with some friends.

    Nice... it that a Walther P38, bottom LH corner?

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    spook1122 is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2008
    east tn
    mossberg 500 18.5 barrel knoxx stock

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    unpecador's Avatar
    unpecador is offline Senior Member HGF Gold Member
    Join Date
    May 2008
    My 20 ga with #3 buck shot packs a decent punch

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    sesquipedalian101's Avatar
    sesquipedalian101 is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2008
    I have a Winchester 1897 takedown that I just love (IMnsHO the best American Shotgun ever) -- with its old-fashioned full choke barrel, it will powder (not just "break" -- powder) clays at 60 yards + (her than my little whatzit thrower can send them). Trouble is, my three sons love it too -- everybody wants "in the will" for the 'ole '97...

    So, I'm collecting 'em; just picked up a slightly older version for $300 (note: firearms usually cost me double; this purchase was, fortunately, exempt from the DW Tax). I think it will need about 50 hours work to match the existing one; I have high hopes of diverting the covetous clutches of at least one son with that. (Anybody have a "good deal" on a couple more? I think middle son might go for the 16 gauge version -- he likes 16 gauge for some strange reason... )

    I just gave DW a Savage 745 for our 25th (hence the tax-exemption). I've expanded it to 5 rounds and it shoots great (if you like semi-autos) -- takes down almost all the pigeons we can loft with two throwers...

    We also have a "T. Barker" (catalog gun) .410 with a really nice, old-fashioned full choke -- it reaches almost as far as the 12 gauge '97. We've actually had it punch the center out of a couple of clays leaving just the outter ring flying into the sunset -- with little tiny birdshot dimples etched in the edge of the "donut hole"

    Middle son has a singleshot 16 gauge of the same style as the "Barker" -- no chance of it ever donuting one though He's working on shooting doubles with it. So far, he can get the second shot launched; but, seldom hits.

    Also have a Remington Model 10 that needs some serious repair before it goes into action -- so to speak

    And have an old Damascus double that I'd like to restore...

    Ah, the projects...


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    JeffWard's Avatar
    JeffWard is offline Senior Member
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    Aug 2007
    St Pete Beach, FL
    Just a lil ole 870, with an 18.5" cyl barrel, scattergun tec 2 shot extension, a Blackhawk 15-round "bandoleer" sling, and 8 rounds of 00-Buck low-recoil...

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    niadhf's Avatar
    niadhf is online now Senior Member
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    Jan 2008
    Rural New York
    Quote Originally Posted by brokenviewfinder View Post
    Nice... it that a Walther P38, bottom LH corner?
    bottom LH corner looks like a baretta model 1934. not sure what the bottom RH corner is (beretta grips?) but it is no p-38 i know. Lets see what flashman says

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    Natureboypkr is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2007
    Remington 870 18" Barrel with pistol grip and folding stock

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    prcabr4christ's Avatar
    prcabr4christ is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2008
    I have a Sears 16ga that if I had to guess is right around 60 years old, I still take it turkey hunting....also have a Remington 1100 (I think thats what it is....haven't looked at it in a while lol) with a poly choke, pretty decent, but no match for turkey like the Sears....have used mossbergs and benellis and am somewhat a fan of those.

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    ghost stang's Avatar
    ghost stang is offline Junior Member
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    Sep 2008
    Newton, NC
    Mossberg 500T here.

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    Mamps's Avatar
    Mamps is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2008
    Pataskala Ohio
    Remington 870's (3)
    Mosberg 500
    SKB 600 (Ithaca 600 O/U)
    Benelli Montefeltro
    Marlin Goose Gun
    Stoeger 2000's (2)

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    nckped is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2008
    Mine are used for clays and birds. Beretta SPIII, and Technys 391. I'm surprised at the lack of Beretta owners!

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    Wandering Man's Avatar
    Wandering Man is online now GM HGF Gold Member
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    Jul 2006
    Coastal Bend, TX
    I recently picked up a new, state of the art shotgun:

    Well actually, its a Norinco clone of a Winchester model 1897.

    But its a lot of fun to shoot.

    Last edited by Wandering Man; 09-25-2012 at 02:35 PM.
    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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    Yjeepin's Avatar
    Yjeepin is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2008
    What's funny is I'm going to start looking at shotguns next. Wife said she'd rather have a shotgun for home protection than a pistol. For someone I thought was totally anti-gun I'm so proud.

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    george ries's Avatar
    george ries is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2006
    lancaster pa
    i have a mossberg 500 pistal grip and a 590 with a top folder on it

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    sig09's Avatar
    sig09 is offline Junior Member
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    Nov 2008
    mossberg with standard barrel n stock and the short barrel and pistol grip conversion.

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    txramfan is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2008
    Yildez 20 gauge over/under
    Winchester model 12

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    mike#9's Avatar
    mike#9 is offline Member
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    Jul 2008
    Apopka, FL
    Remington 870 pheasant, duck, quail, turkey......and those pesky clay pigeon slayer. Otherwise known as old reliable!!!

    Monday I bought a Mossberg 500 mariner with telescopic stock and pistol foregrip. Nice piece. Have not shot it yet, but it should lay waste to any unfortunate soul that dare enter my compound uninvited.

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