Tracking Point Rifle...........

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      Tracking Point Rifle...........

      A Precision-Guided Firearm is a comprehensive, purpose-built weapon system. It incorporates the same tracking and fire-control capabilities found in advanced fighter jets. Shooters of any skill level can now shoot better than the best shooters who ever lived.
      How It Works | TrackingPoint

      A bit pricey..... "The distance and accuracy of the rifle is a big WOW!"
      TrackingPoint, the $27,500 rifle - Jun. 11, 2013

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      Great, now everybody and their brother will be making 1,000 yard shots, lol. I made mine the old fashioned way... and proud of it.

      Seriously though, incredible technology... first heard/read about these about a year ago... nice to see them actually hit the market. Too bad the price tag puts them out of reach for 99% of the population. Guess i'll just have to keep shooting long range the old fashioned way.

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      Cool idea. Seems like it would work well on the Army robot that they use for building entry or E.O.D. It would be one patient and deadly sniper.

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