Dbl barrel for fun questions???

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      Dbl barrel for fun questions???

      Hey all.

      I Found several old dbl barrel 12 guages from a guy for cheap and they shoot good but are kinda rough. Id like to make a nice home defense gun and saw it down a little. Also can you buy those single grips that wrap around both barrels to help ya hold onto it? Kinda like the old tommy gun grips???
      Just wantin a fun gun to goof off with. Tnx for any help. HG

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      English-made shotguns with "splinter" fore-ends are frequently equipped with an added wrap-around grip made of leather that fits very closely around both barrels, just ahead of the "splinter" fore-end.
      I believe that Orvis carries them, but they ain't cheap.

      Shouldn't be too hard to make one, though. Make it tight, and fit it wet.

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