Stoeger Coach Gun?
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    Stoeger Coach Gun?

    Anyone able to tell me anything about the stoeger coach guns, I saw them in my local gun store and was immediately drawn to them, maybe for home defense?

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    A lot of folks use 'em for Cowboy Action Shooting, where all the guns have to have been built before 1900, or replicas of such guns.

    Stoegers are a popular gun.

    Yes, they are also good for home defense. Reliable and rugged (as attested to by folks who rely on them for competition).

    Oh yeah, they're a lot of fun to shoot, too.

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    Its interesting you bring up the coach gun, I'm looking to get the Condor (Stoegers over-under) Has anyone ever used them before? The one I shot was quite nice, but was several years older, any reason to suspect quality would have gone down at all?

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