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      Smile Design Your Own AR15

      Heres a link i stumbled across a few minutes ago and figured i wouldnt be the only one who would have fun making crazy variations of an ar15

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      an, I've messed wit that thing so many time it makes me sick. I have a cheap little Double Star Star-15 rifle. It's pretty basic but I like it like that. I sometimes think about getting another upper to change things up a little but as is it's a pretty accurate rifle. Plus it's light and even my broke down old man self can pack it around a pretty long while if need be. Boy even my little M4gery is getting expensive. I got mine before the rush was on and spent about 700.00. Last I seen on gunbroker a double star upper like mine was over 700.00. I'd sure like to get a bunch more ammo for it. Way things are going I hate to use any ammo I can't reload easily. The last 500 rounds I got cost me 100.00..whew.

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      Easy to spend $3500!!! Holy crap!! If I only had $$$$

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      Quote Originally Posted by Slammed View Post
      Easy to spend $3500!!! Holy crap!! If I only had $$$$
      Yeah, they get expensive quick. Especially when you start adding optics. Glad I got mine set up as I wanted it right from the start and before the panic buying started. Although I still would like to add the Aim Point magnifier to it. And do a camo paint job.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Slammed View Post
      Easy to spend $3500!!! Holy crap!! If I only had $$$$
      that's pretty much what I have in my custom build...

      POF Lower Receiver
      RRA Lower Parts Kit
      RRA Two-Stage Trigger
      Ergo Grip
      LMT Mil-Spec Buffer Tube w/ H2 Buffer
      LMT Stock
      CQD Sling Mount


      VLTOR MUR-1 Upper Receiver
      16.1" Noveske Rifleworks RECON 5.56mm 1:7 Twist Barrel w/ MP Tested Matching Bolt
      Youngs Manufacturing National Match Chrome Bolt Carrier
      VLTOR Gas Block and Tube
      LaRue 11" Railed Handguard
      Smith Enterprise "Vortex" Flash Hider
      Tango Down Vertical Grip
      Aimpoint ML3 (2 MOA) optic
      Aimpoint 3X Magnifier
      LaRue Cantilever QD CompM2 mount, also known as M68-CCO (for the ML3)
      LaRue LaRue Tactical QD Pivot Mount LT649-30 (for the 3X Magnifier)

      my step by step custom build
      1st Custom Build...step by step
      "bing bang boom! hair out...hamburger time" - William Murderface

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