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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefyBeefo View Post
    Sounds like you've got a great wife there Baldy My girlfriend is loving shooting now as well since I let her pick out a gun (the stoeger) that she wanted to shoot and I bought it so she could shoot alongside me. She will make a great pro-gun wife some day too That will make life much easier as I can tell you most likely already know. Let us know how it shoots!

    I'll sure do that Mr BeefyBeefo. My wife had shot a .22 rifle one time when we got married. I took her to a shop and she finger printed just about every gun that man had. She picked up a .32 Mauser and said this is the one. I bought it for her and she became a crack shot with it. Carried it for 25 plus years and it still shoots great. She's pro gun all the way.

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    Yeah Mike, I know exactly what your talking about! While I like the m14 I'd rather have a m-4 with me in the sand box any day of the week! The who time I was over there my M4 failed me 1 time (Failure to extract) and it was inconvenient at the time to say the least, but still... show me a weapons system that does better? An AK? I think not! A G3? Hell no...

    I'm waffling on building a AR-15 6.8spc, or just getting an AR-10. My unit had 2 M110s w/o the suppressors (bad-arse militarized SR-25/ar-10s) that we had but we never took them anywhere but the range and they were sweeeet. The .308 is expensive, but then again I can reload, but the 6.8 would interchange with standard ar-15 parts. If only 6.8spc brass was cheaper!!!

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    Yeah, the mall ninjas who absolutely must have piston uppers and such for 200-round range trips and light-duty home defense crack me up. A couple of our platoons got into some very heavy fighting and they had zero complaints about their impingement M4s. For domestic use on the range and defense, all you really "need" in a decent-quality impingement AR is a good optic (which Baldy has covered very nicely with the EOTech) and a sling.

    One of my regrets about my Afghanistan deployment was that I never got to try the M110. It was just being fielded in The 'Stan while I was there, and of course Guard units are at the back of the line when new gear is fielded. Our snipers used M24s and a few beat-up old M14s.

    I'm not a black rifle guy anymore, but I think I'd choose the AR in .308 rather than 6.8mm. The 6.8mm seems like it's going to be sort of the 10mm of rifles, while the .308 has ammo broadly available for at least semi-reasonable prices. More versatile for hunting, too, if that's one of your intended uses. For fighting, the .223/5.56mm works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham View Post
    It amuses me how guys (like Anarius) who have used the AR-pattern rifles overseas seldom complain about them, while various internet chairborne commandos claim the AR isn't reliable enough for a ten-meter waddle from the car to the firing line of a nice manicured range.

    Enjoy the new hardware, Baldy!


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