Seeking Remington 51 parts source.
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Thread: Seeking Remington 51 parts source.

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    Seeking Remington 51 parts source.

    Hello All,

    I just acquired a very nice looking Remington Model 51 in .32 ACP at a great price. Part of the reason was that a piece is missing. Remington calls it the 'action spring bushing'. It apparently helps retain and cover the base of the recoil spring. This photo shows it missing, you can see the recoil spring through the ejection port.

    I'm thinking it serves more than a cosmetic function so I want to find one. I've tried all the usual suspects: First, Poppert, Numrich, Sarco. No bushings to be found. I also have saved searches on eBay and gunbroker.

    If anyone here has a suggestion for a source I'd appreciate hearing about it.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Just from the picture, I wonder if you can utilize a part for a similar .32 PM type of pistol, Baikal, CZ, or some other former east block make? Or maybe a Belgium make?

    You might also try a hardware or tractor store and find a steel/bronze bushing that a gunsmith can size for you.

    I have an old Meior .25 [trying to remember] where I believe there is a collar that fits over the barrel and within the slide to keep the spring between the bushing and muzzle of frame.
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