This subject may seem obvious.
The subject being: Place your Recoil Spring and Magazine Spring in the correct way.
While this may appear to be straight logic, two not so obvious points needs to be addressed.

Point 1:
Recoil Spring: Linear Spring (Non-Irregular Pitch).

Every Recoil Spring I have ever seen is a Linear Spring.
Maybe some manufacturers do produce Non-Linear Springs (Irregular Pitch) and install them in their gun models.
I just have not seen it.

Definitions: Linear & Nonlinear Springs Tutorial
Linear Spring:

A linear spring is one with a linear relationship between force and displacement, meaning the force and displacement are directly proportional to each other.
A graph showing force vs. displacement for a linear spring will always be a straight line, with a constant slope.

Non-Linear Spring: Irregular Pitch
A nonlinear spring has a nonlinear relationship between force and displacement.
A graph showing force vs. displacement for a nonlinear spring will be more complicated than a straight line, with a changing slope.

What this means:
It means that a Linear Spring will have the same tensile strength in every coil, from the first coil to the last coil.
Most Recoil Springs are Linear Springs.
Visually speaking, there is no way to see any difference in the coils of the spring.
There are spaced exactly the same distance apart, given their tolerance of quality control standards.
This matters for when re-installing the Recoil Spring, there is no visual way to immediately see the correct way to install it.

So, you may ask.
How is there a right way or wrong way to install the Recoil Spring, if the Recoil Spring is the exact same either way?
The answer is in the way the Recoil Spring wears during usage.
Different measurable forces will be applied at one end of the Recoil Spring vs the other end of the same spring.
So, the tensile strength, after usage, will be different at each end of the Recoil Spring.
Thus, once the gun has been fired, it is imperative to reinstal the Recoil Spring exactly how it was positioned upon field stripping the firearm.
No doing so can cause the Slide function issues, causing it to not cycle correctly.
This can result in jams, failure to feed, stove-piping, and other various issues.

Point 2:
Magazine Spring:

Often times, the same dimensions rightside-up as upside-down.
It can be easy to reinstall the Magazine Spring incorrectly.
The reason why is similar to the Recoil Spring.

As with the Recoil Spring, there is not always an immediate way to visually identify the correct way to install it.
The Magazine Spring is often the same tensile strength the entire span of the spring.
So, you will need to pay close attention to the way the spring was removed from the Magazine.
Marking the Magazine Spring in order to identify its direction can be very helpful.

Failure to install the Magazine Spring correctly can cause possible feeding issues of the rounds.
These feeding issues can lead to failure to feed problems and various types of jams.
Can also cause various Issues with the function of the Slide.

The more you know, the better you are.
Educate yourself in the full knowledge of the function and operation of your firearm.
Stay safe, stay smart, and know your firearm.