Gun Lube and Grease
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    Gun Lube and Grease

    I use Ballistol as cleaner and general lube. Lubriplate 105 on slides, locking blocks etc. For heavy duty barrel cleaning a large bottle of Hoppes #9 that I've had forever. What do you use?

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    Oh God, prepare for loads of replies....

    I'm big on Froglube, if it's put on correctly. First choice on my ARs, inside barrels, inside 1911s. If used correctly and consistently, clean up is a few patches and a few Q-Tips. Sadly, most of the people who don't like it, don't use it correctly.

    Hoppes #9 for barrels w/o Froglube. It'll do copper too if you use it right.

    Degrease: Gun Scrubber - not brake cleaner which leaves a residue that Gun Scrubber doesn't.

    For trigger actions where I can't get the FL in; G96 and an air compressor to blow out the excess and dirt.

    Final wipe down, inside barrels, general rust prevention and inside magazines: Barricade (be sure to read the directions)

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    Ballistol, mostly. Sometimes, a little Breakfree CLP. And G.I. "yellow glop" for the Garand's op-rod and bolt.

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    one of my favorit e topics -- leaves me either happy with what I do --or very confused

    I gave up grease as it causes more problems than it is worth(not sure what I will do with the greases I bought early on)

    I have some Rand clp or for heavy cleaning break free clp

    clean up the mess

    then I apply a light coat of oil-- I use MC 2300(milcomm) or super lube multi synthetic(liquid--but sometimes I use an aerosol version when I check my guns befor e range time--if they are dry) or slip 2000--it works for me--no ftf, fte or other issues related to gun cleaning anyway

    hope this helps


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    I use Browning Midas grease or Montana X-treme if grease is needed. Breakfree CLP or RemOil if a light oiling is needed.

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    I use Break Free CLP...That's all my pistol needs.

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