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    Consolidating/Compatability/Misc Modifications

    Ok, so that is a weird title, its kinda a long story. Iíll attempt to shorten it for here, but what I am looking to do is one of two things. I am looking for and am welcome to suggestions and direction towards one or the other.

    I am looking to purchase a new/used .45 pistol. Cost is not a huge deal, but it will play into the modifications etc. that I will be doing later on. More background is that I own a carbine that will take Glock 21 magazines.

    Seems simple right? Buy a Glock 21 and have more magazines that fit in both. Here is my problem.

    I tried Glock 17L (9mm) back in the day and had horrible luck with it, I couldnít hit much. I am leery of buying another Glock. I have tried and really done well with the Springfield XD-M in .40. I wuld like to buy a Springfield XDM .45 but I know that the magazines will not be compatible.

    Here is my question, can I modify the magazines so that they will fit into both the Glock and into the Springfield or am I forced into buying the Glock? Or perhaps might I be able to modify my carbine to take the other types of magazines? Or am I getting way to in depth with this?

    If the direction that I go is buying to Glock Iíll probably start asking questions in the Glock Forum about modifications to make it shoot better for me, or to help me to shoot better.

    Can anyone assist me with this?

    Thanks for the help!!!

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    All of the above solution's are non-starters. Trying for force square pegs into round holes is never the answer when you can just go buy round pegs.

    Buy a Glock pistol and with the time and $$$ spent trying to modify other things, invest in ammo learning to shoot the pistol well and some slight improvements on the gun itself, maybe some better sights and talk to a competent gunsmith that can smooth out the trigger.

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    Ok, Thanks! Just trying to think outside the box, but figured I was going to have to go that route. Appreciate the help!


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