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    Installment of new grip safety

    i was wondering if it is possible to install a grip safety on a gun that doesnt have one now. I want one like the safeties on a Colt 1911.. if it is possible is it a lot of work, and how much money would that cost?

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    I think a lot of that would depend on what gun we're talking about. Just a guess, but I think you'd be better off just buying a Springfield XD or XDM as they feature a grip safety, or a 1911 for that matter.

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    Doubtfull.Anything is possible with enough money,but it comes down to feasability.Some designs probably could,some require reengineering.

    What gun are you talking about?While you may not get the safety feature,adding a beavertail has been done for years.All that's needed is a similar block of material,a welder,and skillful blending with a refinish.It turns out expensive anyway,and since a refinish is involved any other frame mods can be done at the same time.Perfect time for a dehorning,grip texturing,etc.There's no easy cheap way around it I've seen outside of a stainless 1911.

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