Painting a Barrel??
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    Painting a Barrel??

    Hey all,

    I recently purchased a 9mm to .40 conversion barrel from lonewolf for my Glock 23.

    As you probably know, the stock barrel for a glock is black while the lonewolf is silver.

    No offense to lonewolf but they have this incredibly cheesing logo on the chamber end of the barrel.

    I was thinking of spray painting the exposed part of the chamber with black enamel.

    Is it ok to do this??

    I don't mind the the little bit of silver at the end of the barrel.

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    I think you'll be disappointed with the results you'll get from a regular hardware store enamel. Its going to flake and scrape off from the slide action and its not going to hold up well to cleaning with solvent.

    I'd either use a coating made for gun finishing, or polish off the logo from the barrel. Personally, I like the look of a stainless barrel in a Glock.

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