Striker spring question
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    Striker spring question

    This may very well be a completely inane question, but I'm so bad with physics that it's a wonder gravity even works on me. I was working on my Sigma and I started thinking about the issue everyone has with the trigger. I'm completely happy with the trigger on mine. The pull is extremely smooth, crisp break and lighter than the double action pull of my J-frame.

    So here's my thought, tell me if I'm crazy. Factory striker spring is around 4.75#, Wolff springs makes a 3.5#, but it's only recommended for target since you will likely have light strikes at some point. Now, if you were to take a 3.5# spring, and replace the striker its self with a significantly lighter one made of say, Titanium, would you still have the same risk of light strikes? Or would the decreased weight of the striker compensate for the lighter spring?

    My logic is that a lighter striker would require less energy to move. Like pushing a car. If you try to push a Hummer, its hard. If the same person tries to push a VW Bug, it's much easier.


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    Try it.

    I've changes springs on my 40VE and never had a light strike issue. In fact I tool a few coils off a Wolff spring and it worked great. Put over 2000 rounds through it that way and it never didn't fire. I might have been an unusal case but It worked. Did the same with my Glocks.

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