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    New Baby

    Yep 14" and just under 3lbs. Picked up a replica colt 1860 army, made by pietta in case you're curious. I had fired one owned by a friend several times and decided I really did need one. Anyone else here love the smell of black powder in the morning? And I know I should hive pics but I don't own a camera.

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    Yes, wish we could see it

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    Sure wish we could see it to. I like them old guns and I have shot a few rifles and pistols but I always spent my money on more modern fire arms. Been to that big Pow Wow or what ever they call it in Friendship, Indiana and had a great time. Got a friend whos into it big time, with the tee pee and buckskins and all. He was a blacksmith and made knifes and hatches for trading. They are a lot of fun.

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