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    Peeping Tom!

    The news last night had a story of a peeping Tom in Big Fork, MT which is about thirty miles from me. He was chased off by a guy who caught him spying on his wife. They described him as a tall slender man. That eliminates me since I’m short and stocky. But, does it eliminate Captain Crunch? He lives in this area and I have never meet him. Humm? Hey Captain Crunch, do you have an alibi for two nights after the day before yesterday?

    Anyway, last night at 4 am I heard the crunching of snow outside my bedroom window and my dog was growling so I knew I wasn’t dreaming. Someone or something was out there. Oh course the first thing I thought of was the news story last night. I got up and grabbed Mr. Glock and we went hunting. I spied around the corner into our dinning room and saw him... well, her and her two friends- deer. Those deer hang around here all the time. I snuck up to our large dinning room window and stood there for ten minutes watching them. One would put her nose to the window not two feet from me and look into our house and right at me. Evidently I was like Casper the friendly ghost because they never saw me. My wife was totally oblivious to what had taken place until I told her this morning.

    Had I not had two 1/4 inch sheets of glass in front of me and an unmoral conviction that poaching was okay I could have had some nice deer steaks cooking today.

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    Apparently the deer are coming back around here, too. They left because of massive construction, but I think they learned that there isn't any shooting around here, so once hunting season started we had a herd of them, literally. Well, Lily discovered deer yesterday for the first time and she spent an hour sitting up on her back legs growling at one through the window. If we'd just opened the door...

    Ok, probably no deer steaks, more likely Lily would have gotten her hide handed to her. But hey!

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    Up until about a week ago, every night I would see several deer calmly strolling down the middle of the streets in town nibbling on whatever it is they can find to eat, or I would see evidence that they had been here (tracks in the snow).

    Then as quickly as they come, they disappear. Come to find out that the deer will hang out in town only up until the cougars also start coming down out of the hills in search of them (or any other tasty treats they might find).

    Then suddenly, no more deer to be seen anywhere in or around town. A friend who has a ranch just outside of town said that his dogs, who normally sleep out in the barn, were cowering and wimpering and scratching at the door night before last as soon as the sun went down, so he knew there was probably either a black bear or a cougar nearby.

    Today we're going to scour around on his ranch (1800+ acres) to see if we can find any bear or cougar tracks and hopfully eliminate or drive off whatever it is that's spooking the dogs and livestock. He has too many cattle and horses to take any chances.

    I'm taking my camera, so if we find anything hopefully I'll be able to snap a few pics to share.

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