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    So, now the greedy part of Christmas, what did you all get, gun related or not? What did we get for everyone else, too?

    I bought my mom a Thunderbird anniversary knife since the Thunderbird is her favorite car. Dad got a safety knife to keep in his car which is a knife with a really bright flashlight on top and a whistle built into the back. The dog got three differnt soft balls which won't touch. She doesn't understand toys. But she is very exhausted from unwrapping them!

    Mom bought me a pad that straps onto my shoulder so I would stop bruising myself with my rifle. Of course it isn't designed for shotguns so I can't use it when the new Benelli comes in, but it will be great for the K31. Got three towels from Lands End with my initials sewn onto them. Two sets of bedsheets. A knife care kit which I have to find someone to teach me to use. I actually dulled my blade with the sharpener, imagine that. Also got a remote controlled version of my car (Rav4) that I very quickly scared the life out of the dog with. A remote controlled plane to replace last year's plane that crash landed in a field when the batteries died in mid-flight. Got a few sets of PJs and some shirts.

    How'd you all do?
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    Well, my wife and I got some cash from my parents. They asked what we wanted, and I said that. I needed the cash to finish paying for all the stuff I strapped onto my PS90. Also got a food processor and some baby info books (which we can use). My wife got a lot of makeup - her fav...

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    Colt Revolver
    Gift Certificate for Home Depot - WooHoo!
    Gift Certificate for Belks
    Sweater from my daughter
    3 Gun related books
    Gift Certificate for Outback Steakhouse
    Bottle of Wine

    ...and I bought myself 500 rds of Federal 5.56 XM193 ammo...
    "bing bang boom! hair out...hamburger time" - William Murderface

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    All I got was a little ammo and cleaning kits, and a laser bore sighter.

    200 12 ga. bird shot
    200 12ga. #4 buck
    100 12ga. 00 buck
    100 12ga combo #&00 buck
    1,000 5.56
    1,000 7.62x51
    500 45acp fmj

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    I got a stupid shirt that says " I Love My Wiener " and a piece of a dog.

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    The best thing I got was watching my wife show off her first gun to all of our friends. I just got her a little browning buckmark, but now all her girlfriends want to go learn to shoot. It was amazing. I got a ruger compact 10/22 for my 9 yr old daughter and you should see how jealous the 10 yr old neighbor boy is. My buddy gave a nice shotgun to his 20 yr old son and his wife is a little bit pissed, I think it's because he didn't give her a sweet 16!

    We had a truly great Christmas. We had a pretty big celebration.(4 families, 6 strays) But the reaction to me buying guns for my wife and my daughter was the best part. One of my friends has invited me to go marlin fishing on his boat in San diego, another to go both moose hunting and some fishing in Alaska, and my other good buddy gave me a bunch of really great flies that he tied. And when my daughter started to show her new rifle to her friends, they all started talking about maybe going hunting or shooting with thier dads. It was pretty great! Then we put the guns away and got pretty serious about the eating and DRINKING! It has been a wonderful Christmas!

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    Let's see:

    FNH Five-seveN
    Colt Forst Edition Staunless 380
    Ruger Mini 30
    High Standard Olympic Military
    And a piece of a dog.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every one.

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    Let’s see.
    bad boy Heartbreak: Power Ballads (Poison, Damn Yankees, ect.)
    Kenny Chesney: The road and the radio
    Brad Paisley: Time well wasted

    Top Secret -stupid!
    The Cable Guy
    Walk the Line

    A throw to cover up while watching movies with moose on it. Nice and warm and soft.

    In stocking: Peeps- Christmas style. Love ‘em!, Black licorice, Yummy!, Chocolate, back scratcher.

    Mt best gift was my oldest daughter moving here from Iowa. Cool!

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    I forgot one. My six year old daughter gave me this.

    At least they were a clean pair of hers. She’s got my sense of humor.

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