Wrong-number Santa cheerfully fields kids' calls

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      Wrong-number Santa cheerfully fields kids' calls

      Wrong-number Santa cheerfully fields kids' calls

      A California man has been inundated with hundreds of calls from children who are trying to reach Santa Claus but dialed the wrong number, the Associated Press reports from Goleta, Calif.

      "I just sit down by the fireplace and play Santa Claus," John Dickinson said. "I'll probably be playing Santa every year."

      Dickinson runs the santabarbara.com website and fields calls from people who dial 1-800-SANTABARBARA (1-800-726-8222). That number differs by one digit from 1-800-SANTACLAUS (1-800-726-8225).

      About 100 children a day dial the wrong number.

      "I've spent the last two weeks listening to what children want for Christmas. It's been fun," Dickinson said.

      "The kids are real serious, and very specific," he said. "They get right to the point. They say, 'I want this, I want this, I want this.' I always make sure they've been nice."

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      I'm happy to see that he has done he right thing here and is enjpying himself insteed of throwing a fit.

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