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    Millions for head injury that led man to hookers

    Millions for head injury that led man to hookers

    A British man who suffered a head injury at work that resulted in a loss of inhibition and led him to use prostitutes and phone sex services received about $6.2 million in damages from his former employer, according to media reports.

    "Stephen Tame, 29, had been married to Sarah, 30, for eight months when he fell from a gantry while working in a cycle warehouse in January 2002. Although he recovered from the accident after two years of treatment, the injury unleashed a libido that could not be kept in check," The Guardian reports. "Judge Michael Harris, awarding 3.166m damages, said Mr Tame had misbehaved in the presence of women, watched pornographic videos and called phone sex lines. His loss of inhibition also led to him making embarrassing remarks and interrupting conversations."

    The paper says a lawyer told the court that Tame, a devout Christian, had all but destroyed his marriage by patronizing prostitutes and having an affair with a 57-year-old woman. In addition to libido problems, the Guardian says Tame "suffers from a range of disabilities including tunnel vision, a difficulty in tolerating noise, weakness on his left side, slurred speech, fatigue and poor concentration and memory."

    The judge said Tame wasn't likely to find paying work in the future and concluded that it was doubtful that his marriage would last another year. "This meant Mr Tame, of Wickford, Essex, would be without the care of his 30-year-old wife, who is currently living with her parents in Basildon, and would have to pay for professional support," Britain's Metro paper says.

    His former employer admitted liability, but contested the size of the award.

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    He could always be a gigolo.

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