Sheridan to target air gun ban with Bill

SOCIALIST MSP Tommy Sheridan today unveiled plans for a Bill to ban air guns.

The Solidarity leader launched a consultation on the proposed legislation which would see the weapons restricted to registered gun clubs.

Under the Bill, all air guns would be securely stored in gun clubs or by local authorities for pest control purposes. Anyone keeping a gun elsewhere would be breaking the law and would face a criminal charge.

The move follows several horrific incidents involving air guns. In 2005, six-year-old Tyler Scott from Muirhouse was shot in the head outside his house, while toddler Andrew Morton was shot and killed by an airgun in Easterhouse, Glasgow.

Mr Sheridan said: "All of us have a vested interest in safer communities. We seek maximum peace of mind for our children and the wider community. Small step changes can be made quickly to make our streets safer and one such change is the banning of all air rifles and pistols."