In U.K. Brawls, Feet Bring More Danger Than Fists, Study Says

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      In U.K. Brawls, Feet Bring More Danger Than Fists, Study Says

      In U.K. Brawls, Feet Bring More Danger Than Fists, Study Says

      By Eva von Schaper

      Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) -- In British brawls, feet are more dangerous than fists or blunt objects, and consuming alcohol amplifies the risk of injury, a study found.

      Victims who are kicked are 20 percent more likely to be severely hurt than those struck with a blunt weapon, researchers wrote in the study published today in the U.K. journal Injury Prevention. Drinking alcohol makes victims more likely to fall over and be kicked again, the study found. The findings will help guide funding for violence prevention, as the relative danger in assault weapons varies from country to country.

      ``The surprising thing was that the use of feet resulted in more serious injuries than all sharp weapons combined,'' lead researcher Jonathan Shepherd of Cardiff University said in a telephone interview yesterday.

      In terms of assault severity, feet are followed by blunt weapons, sharp implements and finally fists. Firearms do not play a great role in violent crime in the U.K. because of strict gun laws, the researchers said. Firearms are involved in about 70 percent of all U.S. homicides, compared to only in 9 percent of U.K. killings.

      The researchers studied almost 25,000 patients treated in Cardiff's only emergency room between 1999 and 2005, and ranked the severity of their injuries according to their score on a triage scale.

      The study may be limited because the sharp object category included knives as well as broken glass, which is deemed less dangerous, Shepherd said.

      Last week, Stephen Langford, 43, a telecommunications manager who drove a Ferrari, was kicked to death in a town 35 miles west of London after being punched to the ground by a group of youths. Police said Langford was heading home after meeting a friend for a drink when he was assaulted.

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      They allready outlaw guns. Are feet next?

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