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    Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I just got off the phone with the guy working on my car and he said the timing belt broke but the pistons were fine, and while he is in the engine I am having the water pump replaced too. So it will be back up later today.
    Last week I cut about 1/2 inch off the pinky on my left hand and had it put back on and looks like I will have total use of it again, and coming back from my brother in-laws wedding last weekend the alternator went out on my car 47 miles from home and had to have it towed in. I finally got the alternator changed out on Friday so to celebrate the wife and I went to see Casino Royal. She had just dropped off the baby sitter and was 4 blocks from her house when she was hit. But you know what, she is going to be fine, my finger still works, my car will be fixed today, I have a house of my own a great kid, food, good friends both physical and online, and a safe full of guns I love, so the way I see it I am one lucky dude and have a lot to be thankful for.
    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

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    Wow, what a week or so U had. Man, that's tough...

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    Wow! The next week can only get better.

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    Man, Maximo, I'm sorry to hear that! At least she is alright. And you have something to be real thankful for this year!

    When I was in the fourth grade, my mom, a friend of mine, and me were in our '83 Toyota Corolla when we got broadsided by a drunk in a huge Lincoln. That darn little car spun all over the road like a top. Somehow, no one was killed or even hurt. From that day fourth my mom has been convinced I am made out of rubber. He hit the back end, right where I was sitting, and threw me onto my friend's lap. The seat belt didn't make it. None of them did.

    Thank God for small blessings. That car was accident prone, but before we got rid of it I thanked it for saving my life and the lives of my parents on numerous occassions. It was involved in six accidents with someone inside and two while empty. These included the one above, being side swiped by an 18-wheeler, and being hit by the car of a guy being chased by the cops at high speeds.

    Then there was our '76 Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme that got hit by a drunk. It was the head of the board of education in our town... and he hit us while my mom was picking me up from school, so it was right in front of the grade school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blastard View Post
    Iím filing a lawsuit against my father regarding a real estate transaction gone very very wrong. Hoping to serve him along with the turkey. Sounds like fun, eh?
    Just make sure he doesn't have the carving knife when you do.

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