Along with a buddy from work. We bugged out early and got there as it opened. Long lines - the gun culture is alive and well even here in the northern reaches of the south.

It's the first time I've gone to one without a shopping list, so I looked at everything. Plus my buddy is into old firearms and can tell you what every old musket, rifle and machine gun is. Those are tables I normally wouldn't stop at. So it actually took me longer to go through than when I've gone with my wife and been looking to buy a gun.

The Dulles show is pretty big. It took about 2/12 hours to walk the floor from end-to-end. I was actually pretty ho-hum about the guns by the time I got to the end. I did linger around the Wilson Combats, however.

Since I'm thinking about a black rifle, I should have been more organized, and written down brands, features, prices and dealers, but I realized it too late. I think I want a flat top carbine, and I'm agnostic whether I want flip-up sights in front or not. I plan to get an optic for it. But I don't need a fancy fore-end. I'll buy before the donks pass a gun control bill - hopefully after I get my tax return.

Regarding the show, I find that you really need to know what a decent price is for any gun you're considering. If it's a new gun you may wind up paying close to list otherwise. If it's a used gun you could really get taken. Let the buyer beware.