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    Quote Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post

    Man, its so campy looking at it now
    Man, the video is gone. Guess the copyright police got it...

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    I REMEMBER THAT SHOW, I'd like to see that now ...

    Quote Originally Posted by triton54s View Post
    I remember that late night show ... I used to stay up late watch that when I was a kid, funny as hell if I remember correctly. I still do the " Bert invisible snap your fingers trick" with my wife when she mad at me ... just to bug her.
    But, I didn't watch much TV when I was younger, if it was daylight...I was outside ....... fishing, swimming or building things or something.

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    That and Hee-Haw were a couple of shows my parents would let me stay up late to watch when I was a kid.

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