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    Thumbs up Finally Getting Into "24"

    I know, I know. I must be the last guy in the world not to have watched this show, but I travel a lot and considering the show's format, never wanted to get into it, missing some and seeing others. Now, through the wonders of DVD rentals my wife and I are catching up quickly. We should finish seeing the second season tonight.

    Jack Bauer is certainly not your average TV hero. In the first season I think he shot 4 guys in a couple of hours.

    I see he's carrying a Sig - is it a 220?

    Anyway, for you "24" fans - I presume that means you, Shipwreck - I now understand your addiction.

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    I really, really liked the last season - its being rerun right now on A&E, I believe. Looking forward to the next season

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