Think it's true?
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    Think it's true?

    This is from rec.guns

    "Check out these pictures:

    Here's the info that came with the pics: "Today, Saturday 30 September, there was a non-injury mishap on the lower range. A customer, sighting-in his hunting rifle, forgot to remove the boresighter before firing a live round. It was a Savage bolt-action, I believe in .30-06."

    Fake? I got this via e-mail, and the sender couldn't confirm the source of the pictures, so I'm not sure if they're real or not, but it looks pretty real to me. The only thing that makes me think it could be fake is that the barrel is ripped into 4 symmetrical pieces - wouldn't the barrel rip along the weakest points, i.e. the rifling?

    Has anyone ever seen something like this in person?

    If it's real, the guy is lucky he didn't get seriously wounded or killed."

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    That photo and info made the rounds on the other gun forums a week or two ago. I read it. Someone also posted a link to the original website where it came from... Who knows...

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