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    First off, I didn't post this in the Vermont section as it seems to get no attention.

    As I grew up just east of Vermont in the Southern part of the Adirondacks, I'm no stranger to this region of the country. But I would like to know more about what to expect as since I'll be moving there in the spring or summer. From my research I have found that Vermont has a very low crime rate(49th in the country. Would be 50th if it weren't for mASSachusettes and the SRNY[courtesy of the rejects from the radical-left dumps referred to as Boston and NYC]) with small cities and towns. The politics of the state are liberal-libertarian with from what I gather, with no restrictions or permits required for carrying of firearms since 1903.

    Sadly, Dean came from there. I'll also have to deal with the scum from NYC and Boston on occasion(it's safe to say I'm familiar with their kind).
    But on the other hand(there are four fingers and a thumb) I'll be pretty much back home. I'm also looking forward to having seasons again and giving open carry a try.

    Does anyone have any info to share or a site I can get better info from? Or do I pretty much have it down?
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