What's even sadder is that this same thing happened in a county I used tow ork in, a few years ago - except they have black and white striped prison suits...
Ex-inmate spotted trick-or-treating in prison suit

Nov 2, 7:30 AM (ET)

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. Nov 1 (Reuters Life!) - Jail officials feared an escapee was on the loose on Halloween night when a former inmate was spotted trick-or-treating in his orange prison jumpsuit, authorities said.

A corrections officer spotted the former inmate, Oscar Aponte, 32, going house to house with his son in his hometown of Peekskill, north of New York City.

The officer alerted the Westchester County Jail and the prison was locked down while all inmates were accounted for, said Susan Tolchin, chief adviser to the county executive.

Authorities believed the former inmate smuggled the orange jumpsuit out of the jail when he was released in September after a four-month stay for a probation violation.

"It was a really poor choice of costume," Tolchin said. "We're investigating how he got it out because when they are discharged they leave with their belongings in a clear plastic bag."

Aponte has been charged with petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property for taking the jumpsuit.