Any one seen Saw 3 yet

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      Any one seen Saw 3 yet

      The harness that the doctor chick has to wear has like 5 shotshells circling her head. If you notice, all the primers are already dented. And do you really think that it would work? There is no barrel to them, just the shell held in place by a metal band around the middle of it. If anything, I think they would push themselves back out of the contraption. I don't think they would cause the extensive damage shown.

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      Not my kind of movie. I like to see movies for entertainment. Watching someone get tortured, cut up or maimed is not entertainment for me.

      Free to enjoy it if U like, though

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      No, I have not seen it yet. But I will keep an eye out for that!

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      Not yet I pun intented the 1st one ane liked the twist at the end. But other than that it was a bit over the top for me. I heard HOSTEL was pretty brutal too.

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