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    Gun fire or backfire at Walmart?

    The other night my wife and I were walking into Walmart when we hear a loud boom. My hand automatically went for my Glock (pat myself on my back for that reaction). I didnít draw it because it sounded like a backfire, then another boom. I stopped my wife near a SUV that I used for cover and concealment to try to see for sure what it was. Another distant boom and I realized that it was indeed car backfiring.

    When I stopped my wife I just gently put my hand up on her waist and she knew what I wanted. Nothing was said. She asked me why I had done that. Like duh. I think she answered her own question before I did.

    Iím trying not to strain my shoulder from patting myself on my back.

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    Good reaction. I tend to jump. Or I go for my hip exactly at times when that isn't where my gun is!

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