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    It's ALWAYS loaded!

    Two links... The first to the story, the second to the video.

    On 9 April 2004, a DEA agent (who has not been identified by name in press accounts) delivered a presentation on gun safety to about 50 adults and students at an event sponsored by the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association. Partway through his lecture, the agent picked up his .40-caliber duty weapon and held it up for the audience to see as he announced: "This is a Glock 40. Fifty Cent, Too Short, all of them talk about a Glock 40, OK? I'm the only one in this room professional enough that I know of to carry this Glock 40." Seconds later the gun discharged, wounding the agent in the thigh (or the foot, or the leg, according to various press accounts).

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    Yes, that was pretty stupid... Thank God no children where physically hurt. It will take some parental work to help with their emotional wounds however...
    All of my children have been taught that the most dangerous gun in the world is the one thought to be unloaded...

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    That has been around for a while. He ended up suing for that video being released

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    If he hadn't shot his dang fool self, I guess he would have want to be paid extra for making a training film. Same old carp of blame someone else for my stupitidy, but you got to pay me.

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    He be da only one p'ofessunal enough fo' a glock fo-tay.

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