ASU student recovers from 2-story fall

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      ASU student recovers from 2-story fall

      ASU student recovers from 2-story fall

      Sarah Muench
      The Arizona Republic
      Oct. 4, 2006 06:30 AM

      An ASU student is recovering after he fell two stories from a residence hall in an attempt escape from a student pretending to be a police officer, authorities said.

      Department of Public Safety officials at Arizona State University said the student and two others were smoking marijuana at 11:07 p.m. Sept. 24 inside a dorm room at Sonora Hall. A resident of the room knocked hard on the bedroom door saying he was the police, authorities said.

      One of the students tried to escape through the window, but fell two stories to a covered entryway, struck that portion of the roof and continued to fall to the ground, authorities said.

      ASU DPS said they believe the student went through the window intentionally to get away and did not slip.

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      I had to read it twice because the first time my dyslexic mind read the cops were smoking weed. Of course then I thought it may have been in San Diego and that is very likely. My oldest brother use to drive a taxi in San Diego. He said one time he pulled over to smoke some weed. A few minutes he looked over and saw two cops in a squad car. His heart dropped until he saw they were smoking weed too.

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