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    CA to sue carmakers for harm to the enviroment

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    I read about that yesterday... What a bunch dumbasses...

    I wonder if they drove their green house gas making cars to the courthouse to file the lawsuit papers...

    only in kalifornistan...
    "bing bang boom! hair out...hamburger time" - William Murderface

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    I've got an idea... Sign on the Car Dealerships to read:
    "Due to the high cost of doing business in Kalifornia, and pending litigation by the state, ________ automotive company can no longer afford to sell vehicles in your state. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you." Fine Print: Furthermore, if you choose to purchase a _________ vehicle out of state, you will be required to sign a legal waiver of liability restricting you from entering the state of Kalifornia with said vehicle and transferrring all legal liability for lawsuits for damages to the environment, past, present and future, should you choose to drive ______vehicle within the state of Kalifornia against the prescripts of this agreement "

    I know this won't help the suite cause they're suing for vehicles already sold, but it may make a point if all the manufacturers say screw you Kalifornia.

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    Angry Getting Ill...

    The Elite/Socialist/Commuist are taking control and California is the place they want. Their working on the whole country. They controll the Democrate Party. If the good people of this Country, don't get off their collective butts, and vote these jerks out we are domed as a nation. Some rough things will have to happen to turn this country back around. ACLU will have to be destoried as this is the leagal arm of the commuist party.
    America right now is being attacked on the outside by a bunch of towelhead crazies, and internally by the socialist elites .
    You better stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. Kind of what's happening in this Country right now. To many people falling.

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    ...and we thought cars were expensive now. this will make them go up even more.

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    I'm so glad I don't belong to that state anymore.

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    The GM, Ford and Chyrsler corporations don't drive cars in California, California residents and others drive the cars. So will the idoit lawyer start a class action suit against those people...

    This should be thrown out of court immediately, if not the car companies should stop selling cars there.


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