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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    In Japan, the rule there is that one cannot harm a drunken person. One may slap them or subdue them, that's about it. At least it was that way some twenty years ago. I doubt much has changed.

    Like I said way earlier, it seems to me that 4 or 5 cops could have easily subdued the kid and taken away the knife. I just can't fathom just why they would have felt compelled to use deadly force. When I did the LEO gig, (reserve police), I used my Judo training moreso than my weapon.

    I also said that it's easy to armchair quarterback any situation. I have to wonder whether or not the media is reporting the whole story or just one side.
    The media report the WHOLE story?

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    They must have changed most of what is taught in the police academies since my time....When I was sworn in it was TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD that the job I was undertaking meant PUTTING MY LIFE ON THE LINE FOR OTHERS,now I didnt run out and try to stop bullets(or knives) with my bare hairless(1/2 cherokee) chest but neither did I just shoot somebody dead just to say I had or to "be the one who gets to go home" that night.I swore to PROTECT AND SERVE, NOT abuse authority and use excessive force in a situation where it was NOT NEEDED.2 or more officers had NO,I MEAN NO reason to kill a kid with a knife ,they could have and should have taken him by other than lethal force.Too much of this crap is excused away to where it is somehow acceptable today and thats just the beginning of the USGP(United States Gestapo police).
    I guess its obvious why Im no longer a LEO.I would probably be dead or in prison for what I would like to do to these "brave officers"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post
    Go talk to a doctor - a knife would can be a lot more serious than a gunshot wound. The wound size is larger and there is more collateral damage. Too much hollywood movies stuff makes people think otherwise.

    Im not saying a knife cannot do more can. I'm saying I would rather take on a guy with a knife than a gun. But thats me.

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