Pesticide disrupts homecoming game

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      Pesticide disrupts homecoming game

      Pesticide disrupts homecoming game
      By Kelly Marshall Fuller
      The Sun News

      Attendees of a football game at Waccamaw High School thought a low-flying plane that buzzed the crowd was part of the homecoming festivities on Friday.

      No one was alarmed until people detected a faint mist coming out of the plane and a chemical odor that settled over the field and surrounding stadium seats.

      The plane was part of a plan to knock down mosquitoes at the stadium, said Holly Causey, supervisor of mosquito control in Georgetown.

      Numerous complaints of a mosquito invasion in the area around the school and stadium brought out the plane to fight the problem around 7:30 p.m., when the mosquitoes were coming out - but the game was in full swing.

      "The plane did go over the stadium," Causey said. "We notified the school, and they thanked us for spraying. We've had several complaints from that area, and we were just trying to get a good knockdown."

      Malathion was sprayed by air Thursday and Friday in different locations in Georgetown County, Causey said.

      Mosquito-spraying trucks have also traveled through some neighborhoods in Georgetown County and the city of Georgetown, she said.

      The mosquito problem has been mild this summer but increased after Tropical Storm Ernesto passed through earlier this month.

      Salt marsh mosquitoes have been seen in the area around Waccamaw High School, Causey said.

      "They are very aggressive biters, " Causey said.

      Parent Kelly Sinclair, who attended the game, said she saw the low-flying plane, then had a "chemical taste" in her mouth.

      At least one child began coughing and left the stadium with an adult, she said.

      "I was upset; I was trying to wave at the plane," she said. "I could taste it on my lips.

      "They could have done it before the game or after it was over. It alarmed me; a lot of people were trying to wave it away from their faces."

      Officials at the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control said the spraying could cause health problems, but exposure would bring an almost immediate reaction. No complaints were logged in at mosquito control or the Georgetown County School District offices, officials said.

      "It gets absorbed quickly into the body," said Janka Elevich, a medical epidemiologist with DHEC. "If there are health problems, they should occur very rapidly, certainly within the first half-day. The symptoms are not subtle."

      Causey said the spraying will now be done in the morning, before the football games begin.

      Georgetown County school officials said they were not aware of any problems at Friday's football game.

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      Could have been nerve gas. We live in a new world now.

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