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    Best deal ever on a firearm?

    Recently, I was speaking to a friend who had purchased a firearm from another and said that he got a super deal on it.

    I'm sure that at one point or another, we've all been in the "right place at the right time", and scored a deal that we will remember for a long time to come.

    My best deal was back in 2003 / 2004 or so, when hi-cap magazines were selling at an all time high. I had previously purchased a bunch of RAMLINE 50 rd. mags for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. I paid something like $9.00 ea. (dealer cost) when I bought them.

    I had them listed on an inter-net auction site for $125.00 ea. and they were selling. A gun shop owner in Texas wanted four of them. I happily complied with his request, and in turn, took that $500.00 and bought my first ever Glock. It was a model 21C, as well as an extra factory mag or two.

    So.....that was my best deal ever. Bought myself that brand-new Glock 21C, and a couple of extra mags, for an initial investment of about $36.00 or so.

    I still have a good number of those mags, as well as the Glock I bought.

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    Sounds like a smart way to reduce the cost of adding a new edition to your collection... especially if you had the extra mags to spare.

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    I've had the good fortune to be the recipient of five really good deals in my lifetime (so far).

    One was almost 60 years ago, in the shop of Mr. Robert Abels, in New York City. Gruff Mr. Abels took really good care of a 'teenage Daniel Boone wannabe.
    The second was a year or two later, at Martin B. Retting's original shop in West Hurley, New York. Mr. Retting outfitted me with my first high-power rifle, a Krag, at very low cost.
    The third was about 34 years ago, when I bought my first competition 1911 from my mentor, Mike Harries.
    The fourth and fifth were quite recent purchases on

    And then there was "the one that got away."
    I had an opportunity to buy a unique museum piece, a fairly important part of US military history, for an extraordinarily fair, low price.
    I lost out because I couldn't raise the cash, not even as a loan from my own (moderately wealthy) parents.
    The gun ended up in the Los Angeles County Museum System, instead. It is, quite literally, priceless.

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    I got a Sig P228 with 3 mags for $350 and that is one of my best guns I own and shoot.

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    Probably my first handgun, a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum for $200 from a neighbor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acepilot View Post
    Probably my first handgun, a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum for $200 from a neighbor.
    I bought my Super Blackhawk in 1974, new for $174. Very nice gun. I traded it in the mid 80's for a Redhawk.

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    My second best deal, was buying a NIB nickel Colt Python with a 4" bbl., back in 1977, for $350.00 + tax.

    Back then, that was MSRP.

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    Years ago I got a scoped Super Blackhawk for $300,not a great deal but it was a good one.

    About 6 months ago I looked at a gun that was jamming for a guy,it was an early Canadian Para widebody with a Shuemann Hybid port barrel.The original front dovetailed sight was replaced and it wasn't a tight fit in the barrel's dovetail,so when you shot it the sight would walk left and the slide would hit the dovetail causing a FTRB.I told him it could be rigged to work,a custom sight made or replace the barrel so the new could be properly cut.When I told him the barrel is $300 without labor to fit it or cut the sight he said he didn't want to put that kind of money in it,so if I was interested in it he's sell it to me for $100-hell yeah man.I swaged up the dovetails,glued it in and pinned it.My step-son wanted it so sold it to him for $350.

    One I haven't sold is a Sig Trailside,I gave mid 2's for it and they're going for over 4 now.My biggest mistake was a Dan Wesson 15HVR pistol pack I got for $325 and traded off,that thing is worth a small mint now.

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    I've had several good deals on firearms, I recently bought a stainless Ruger SP101 in 327 Federal Mag 3" barrel for $492 with sales tax, they discontinued this caliber so the price went way up. They have been regularly selling on one of the auction sites for over $800.

    Another good buy was a stainless Ruger GP100 in 327 Federal mag with a 4" barrel. I paid $850 for it no tax.It came with a set of RCBS reloading dies, A nylon holster, A set of Trace Crimpson Grips, A box & a half of American Eagle Ammo and two boxes of Gold Dot Ammo, Four boxes of 32 H&R Magnum brass, Three boxes of Gold Dot Brass, two nylon cartridge sleves that go onto your belt. The gun alone is selling on one of the auction sites for over $800, the grips are worth $250, the reloading dies another $100, the loaded ammo is worth around $85, the holster another $15. Empty caseings probably around $35.
    Add it up it should bring some where around $1'200 if I split it up and sold them.

    I bought a Winchester 67A Boys Model for $100 off of a local gun forum, They are bringing between $300 to $425.

    I bought a 1942 Winchester 62A for $400, they are bringing upwards of $800.

    I bought several others, It just takestime and the extra money when these guns become available.

    Another decent gun was an old Marlin 444 lever-action for $329 & tax. They are selling for around $500. Not that good of a buy, but not shabby.

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