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Thread: Office Wall Art

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    Office Wall Art

    Several guys at work are "decorating" their offices with unique themes. For instance, one guy has record album covers he mounted. Another guy is getting cover art for 1980s video games.

    I'd like to follow suit and do something unique and fun. Since there's publicly displayed signs that prohibit carrying in the building, and because I like being employed, artistic photos or caricatures of guns would not be welcomed with open arms.

    Other hobbies I have include photography and multimedia, so I was thinking of getting the cover art from something like Adobe Photoshop over the last 25 years. That might be a little too vague and obscure for most people though.

    The other avenue might be sports parks (various football stadiums) or possibly iconic shots of Colorado (my home state). That said, I'm not 100% sold on either of those.

    Any ideas?

    My office space could probably accommodate up to 9 things printed out to 8x10 or in that range...(no pun intended)

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    Google "The New Yorker, covers," and give them some time: there are a lot of them. Most of them are humorous, and some are laugh-out-loud funny.
    The magazine sells reproductions, but "stealing" them online might work.

    Use Google, and keep my daughter gainfully employed.

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    As a photographer printing them off the web is the very antithesis if respecting copyright, so that's not really an option.

    While I like the idea, The New Yorker is not really among my list of reading material, so it'd just be a random sorta thing. I'd like to give my walks a little bit if a personal touch without being, schmoopy (so family pics isn't really what I'm after).

    Aside from my own prints (which is an option), I'd like for there to be some unifying theme...

    Still pondering here so keep the ideas coming!

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