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    The Alhambra de Granada UNESCO World Heritage Site

    So we finally decided to take my parents to the world famous Alhambra, it was originally constructed as a fortress in 889, and was converted into a royal palace in 1333 by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada (when the Moroccans occupied Andalucía).

    It truly is one of the most spectacular sites i´ve ever visit in my life, the craftsmanship alone is just mind blowing.

    I´d like to share of those photos. Was a very hot 100ºF, Granada has a different climate zone to what we are used to. The crowds of people were overwhelming too, there was literally every nationality..bus loads of American, Japanese, Italian, Scottish tourists just name a few of whom we spoke too.

    Was a really muggy/hazy day

    Thanks for looking

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    The Moors occupied southern Spain "temporarily," from about 700 through 1492.
    It was a "Golden Age" for art, the written word, medicine, mathematics, and philosophy. Different societies and religions coëxisted peacefully, and mixed comfortably everywhere in southern Spain.
    It all came to an abrupt end when Ferdinand and Isabella united the societies of northern Spain under the banner of Catholicism, and chased the Moors (and almost everybody else) out. That was immediately followed by the Spanish Inquisition, with well-known, unpleasant results, and the end of the arts, written words, medicine, mathematics, and philosophy for about 500 years.

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    the detail in the stone work is amazing. i cannot even fathom the amount of time and patience that would have taken.

    simply awesome!

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