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    What'd Y'all Get For Xmas?

    What guns or guns accessories did you all get for Xmas?

    Me? PF-9 Keltec, a Ankle Holster (Thank god! My belly band is sometimes uncomfortable...), Cozy Partner, and a huge M&P knife

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    Important stuff: Happy and relatively healthy self and family, both extended and immediate.

    Other stuff: A couple of boxes of pistol ammo, gloves, a few more hi-cap mags for my 10/22, a new scope.
    "Placement is power" -- seen in an article by Stephen A. Camp
    (RIP, Mr. Camp; you will be remembered, and missed)

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    My beautiful wife got me a Sig 1911

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    Re: What'd Y'all Get For Xmas?

    Saiga 223
    Bushnell trs 25
    Just the gun related stuff from the wife. I bought myself a Mossberg 930, 590, mint k38 masterpiece with box and waiting to see if I've won the auction for a Baikal coach gun w exposed hammers oh and a Saiga 308

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    A used, real leather jacket for $12.99 at our local second hand store that will be a dedicated carry outer garment.

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    Dude OzarkRecluse you had a merry christmas there LOL nice gun

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    Let's see; I got a new range bag, a crossbreed holster for my Kimber 1911, a Lee auto disk powder dispenser, a new flashlight, and an EAA Witness P in 45 acp (from me to me)!
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