Opinions not allowed?

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      Opinions not allowed?

      So I guess when someone asks for the opinion of fellow forum members the result is the OP getting criticised, anyone who gives their opinion gets criticised and the thread gets closed? It's called an opinion for a reason. Disagreeing with an opinion is fine. Attacking the opinions of others is juvenile. Anyone care to offer an opinion on the subject?

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      Things have been getting a bit out of hand here lately....I guess that is what the administrators are for.....we all know that opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one.....there have also been some foolish questions of late, double posts, trolls, etc. Time to get a handle on things........

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      See that little black triangle, with an exclamation-point inside, down at the lower left corner of every post?
      If you read a "flame" or an impolite post, just click on that little triangle at the left-bottom of the objectionable message.
      It will be automatically reported to the Moderators, and action will be taken.

      It's up to us, the members, to keep the forum clean and polite.
      Like the cops, the Mods can't be everywhere, all of the time.
      They need our reports.

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      We have to remember that this is public and have to censor ourselves.I'm guilty of taking offense to some things occasionally,but I normally take it in jest or find it entertaining.Some people get a little sensitive too easily,and there are impersonable children of all ages seeing this stuff.At some point a line has to be drawn and that's the moderators jobs,sometimes a thread that doesn't seem bad goes and sometimes one I think needs to go runs out.I've moderated before,it can really eat up some time that you're giving away from your own life.

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