I read a FBI report on crime.It actually shows the rate dropping.I feel this is due in a large way by the number of armed citizens.People are tired of being a target.This is why I jumped the hoops to protect me and mine.A local town nearby police chief reported in the paper,urging citizens to arm themselves.They are mainly a reactive force and cannot protect everyone.I was told on another platform after stating that my complex has had 1 robbery and 2 burglaries since I moved back home that I need to move to a homogenous community.Sorry but that place only exist in fairy tales.I know of no community in the continental U.S. that can be classified as 100% garunteed safety.I dont live in fear but awareness of my surrounding.Kinda like the west during the cowtown era.Most all were armed but actually wasnt really dangerous.With lawmen the likes of Earp,Bill Tillman and Bat Masterson who kept the peace.Enjoy the read

FBI — FBI Releases 2010 Crime Statistics