I enjoy trying to provide new shooters with tips I have learned over the years,some of it the hard way.With the surgence of new shooters wanting a handgun for self defense I feel a few things seem to be left out.All newbies should read as much as possible but need to stay away from questionable sources such as WIKI or youtube.These are fine for enertainment but not serious sources.There is alot of free material with the advances of the internet but look at sites such as govt and institutions for results.If it is good enough for the FBI,border patrol,State Police it is a good choice.These agencies officers rely on the info to save thier and others lives.

I havent seen anyone recommend training in first aid.The Red Cross and other local agencies provide this for free and low cost.This simple knowledge can save you or a loved ones life.A weapon doesnt garuntee you wont be injured.I carry a kit in my car and a large kit at home.Some basic items such as gauze wrapping,large bandages,saran wrap(sucking chest wound),quick clot,tourniqet,gloves and a booboo kit.These simple items can save a life.I have limited mobility so I have to sit and fight and since one femoral artery is just below the skin I need to be prepared.

Teaching the proper stance and drawing methods are essential to becoming proficient with your weapon.No denying that.But real life and hollywood are 2 different items.I feel you also need to shoot well one-handed(strong and weak),firing from a barrier,behind you and from retention.It would be nice if the BG stood at 7 yards in a shilloette stance but it aint gonna happen.I feel you need to be able to fire from any position safely and accuritely.I even fire from the ground as if someone dumped me out of my wheelchair.It could and has happened.

There is so much to learn for a new shooter.Make sure you get proper training.Learn your states laws and dont ask about them somewhere like here.It could land you in serious trouble.Make sure your weapon is reliable and fires flawlessly with your primary ammo.Buy quality ammo with a proven bullet design.And by all means have fun with the firearm.A firearm can also bring alot of pleasure.Make target shooting fun.There are alot of items to shoot with spectacular results.Old spray paint cans ,watermelonsthe list goes on.Good redneck fun sharpens your shooting skills and brings a smile.Paint a face on an object and blow the snot out of it,a great stress reducer.

I hope this may help someone.I just want new shooters to be responsible and skilled in firearms.Stupidity and irresponsible actions risk all of our rights.You carry a gun cause ya cant carry a cop.