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Thread: Scam!!!!!!!!

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    Just want to send everyone a heads up..........there is a computer virus going around called Security's very bad, and will get lots of personal info from your pops up, and looks like a legit warning, and shows all sorts of trojans, virus, etc. I thought it was my security software alerting me, and it ended up charging my credit card $89.90. I had to immediately cancel my card, alert fraud services, and, I hope, that I got it off of my computer...did some reading about it on the it got past my software, well, it must be very good, because I have some of the best security software out there...and it looks very legit....i was looking at firearm pics at the time.....BE ALERT!

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    Got that virus from my rock crawling forum i belong to about 3 months ago. Had to have everything cleaned out and reinstalled. I also was looking at pictures..... Thanks for the heads up!!

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