may not have my 45 for a while, no idea what to use for defense

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      may not have my 45 for a while, no idea what to use for defense

      My beloved HK 45 desperatly needs to be completely detail stripped and cleaned. I maintain my weapons to the best of my abilities but last time i tried anything more than a field strip it went to a gunsmith in a ziplock bag to be put back together. Anyway, im sure there will be a wait time in the work, and in my baby's absence im kinda stumped on what should be beside the bed. Let me start by saying im 19. Dont have the collection you guys do. Yet. My girlfriend does have her subcompact xd 9mm on her nightstand full of glden sabers, but shes still learning and i may not have time to get over there to it. Anyway, besides the HK, i own: remmy 870, win mod 94 30-30, a simi-auto 308 deer rifle, the name of which slips my mind at the moment, a WASR 10 (romanian ak), an m69 romanian military trainer bolt action .22, an old beretta .22 simi auto pistol (again the name of it slips my mind) and a handful of black powder weapons and a 17 hmr. The obvious choice would be the 870, except that i apparently have the only unreliable 870 ever made. Need to have it fixed, occasi.onally something screws up and i cant get it to come all the way through the pump cycle. The next in line is, i suppose, the ak. But over-penetration is a major concern as a bullet exiting my apartment would be on course for another occupied building 3 out of 4 directions. Same concern with the other 2 hunting rifles and obviously a scoped bolt action 22 is less than optimal. That pretty much leaves the .22 handgun. Its old but extremely accurate and reliable. Maby just load that with 10 cci stingers and hope for the best? Im realy at a loss here. I dont have the money to go buy a new gun right now, even just a shotgun. What do you guys suggest?

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      Put the .22 on nightstand and the 870 beside the bed, if you don't have the funds for a new gun then this might be the time to get the 870 fixed......JJ

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      Do yourself a favor and get one of these:

      HKParts | Heckler & Koch Genuine Parts - HKPARTS.NET

      It's not Hk45 specific, but it's close enough. Just do yourself a favor and don't take out the trigger and trigger return spring, unless you're getting ready to replace it.

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