I know some states may already allow, but MI has a bill issued...

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      I know some states may already allow, but MI has a bill issued...

      Ran across this article in the Macomb Daily, a MI paper, and thought I would share.

      Check it here

      What is your take on it???

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      It's the typical thing I read here in my state. Here, if you post a sign that says firearms are not allowed on the premisis, if you are seen, caught, whatever...you will be asked to leave, if you don't, you receive a trespassing fine. Last year, a woman was in church, strapped, and no one said anything until the service was over, then they called the police.....this was before CCW was passed......she was in her car, and they arrested her, saying that she has the gun concealed in her car, and loaded. She was released, got her firearm back, sued, and got $6500 for her trouble. She was then arrested again while she was parked on a city street, this time they said that her firearm was concealed under her coat, which was on the front seat. Once again, she sued, and again, was given a monetary settlement. It has never been illegal to open carry in my state. I read the typical "we don't want another Virginia Tech." They just do not seem to get it. None of the people who were involved in any of the shootings across the U.S. had a CCW license. The liberals of this country, if they had their way, would outlaw firearms period. Since CCW passed in my state, which was in NOV. 2011...there has been one incident concerning a CCW holder.....some clowns were robbing an Aldi store and it's patrons, and a CCW holder in line shot them both, when they leveled their shotgun in his direction. They both lived, and are now incarcerated...the store had a posted sign, no firearms allowed, and he was never charged in the incident, but now he is suing to get his firearm back, which is typical...they say that they need it for evidence, but all they have to do is take a picture, and have the serial number, so basically, he is being punished for doing something good. Personally, I hope that the bill passes in your state, and maybe, they will do the posted sign thing also.This next election coming up, is a very important one, for all states, and the CCW issue. We have a current administration, that hates firearms, and behind the scenes, with the appointment of liberal firearm hating Supreme court justices, wish to rid the U.S. of firearms period. Our own President is from the only state to not have conceal carry, and there is a good reason for that....he voted no everytime a conceal bill came up in Illinois. Hopefully, your state will allow legal carry everywhere, and then they will see, that armegeddon doesn't happen, and the citizens of your state are safer a better off for it.

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