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      Life on a web site

      I have been a member here for a while. I have been a member of a few other sites having to do with handguns and other hobbies and interests. I have noticed some similarities on all the sites I have frequented. Like with me here, the rate of participation is a big one, When I first joined I put up as many posts as I could and read everything about anything I was slightly interested in. I learned who I thought had good advice and who did not. I learned who thought they were the smartest guys and who actually were. I learned alot about guns and I learned alot of people handed out opinions under the guise of fact or advice. I learned some will humbly advise you as if it were an opinion but it is straight up correct. It happens on every site. I watched as the progression of new active guys or gals tapered off and a new batch of enthusiastic NOOBs followed in their footsteps. That is one of my favorite parts of a forum. I answered some questions and offered my opinions many times. I saw as some people would cling onto the older members to ride their coat tails to precieved prominence on the board. I have seen some who will only offer advice when it is self serving and makes them feel smart. I have seen some say wow I was wrong I am glad I came here and learned new things.

      I am to the point now on this site where I post rather infrequently because I have offered my advice or my opinion on almost every subject that comes new at least one time before. I enjoy reading what others have to say about things and like to see banter between members. There are a couple memebers who when they do post I will always read because they always have constructive and good advice. It is not always what the OP wants to hear but it is accurate.

      I can alway tell when I have reached this point on a site, I sign on less frequently, I post even less and I start to look for new places to visit so I get a variety. I have enjoyed it has been one of my favorite forums. There is very little bickering and very little name calling and only one or two who seem to know everything. Almost everyone who has posted has given me a smile or a bit of info that I have used or has enlightened me. I don't sign in as much anymore, I have noticed, I read and leave most of the time now. I know those who response are always the same and I skip them now. The internet is a crazy place, because of it I have friends all over the country. I shoot with some people I would have never meet and I ride my motorcyle with 15 to 20 people from other states I know I would never have crossed paths with. I am glad there are places like this. As individual as they all are they all share some similairities. i am glad I have made the friends here I have.


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      I know exactly what you mean.... See ya' around and the door's always open.

      If you're ever back in M'Town you know where to find me, we'll get some Maid-Rites and hit the range.

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      Yes, I've gone through this on many different forums and this is one of the few that I continue to read but be fairly inactive on. Forums are a great thing. I've made some great friends and met some great people just as you have.

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