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    Ear Protection

    Did a search but didn't see any other topics on Ear protection so thought I would post a question. Been shooting for 50 years and always used the run of the mill headsets. But been doing some research on the net for the best ear protection available. Not interested in the $300 stuff. Just the best regular passive type. Inputs appreciated.

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    these are my favorite earplugs. they work very well and you can hear normal conversation through them

    Sonic Defenders® Plus from SureFire

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    For passive muffs I like the Howard Leight Thunder series.

    Howard Leight | Thunder Earmuff | Dielectric Noise Blocking Ear Muffs

    for plugs Howard Leight (again), the softer compound works better for me than the harder foam plugs and still has a 30 NRR.

    Howard Leight | Max Lite Earplugs

    Now days even the electronic muffs aren't that expensive. The Peltor active muffs I use are available around $50.

    Peltor 97044 Tactical 6S Active Volume Hearing Protector

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    20 dollars peltor shotgunner series for outdoor use or as my double for indoor use ( I always double hearing protect when indoors. foamies on the inside "mickey mouse" ears on the outside).

    however been meaning to go around to the ENT department of my local military hospital and have some custom fitted ear pro made up, free of charge. military ftw

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    Have a couple of 'ears' from back in the 80s...still work fine. Bought a newer winchester brand from wally world for $10. All seem to be about the same (~27db drop). The electronic ones seen kinda cool but $10 vs $50...i'll spend the $40 on ammo or targets instead. Got a coupon for a pair from Harbor freight for $4 so gonna pick those up - then everyone in the family will have their own.

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