Has anyone ever used the Armed Citizens Legal Defence Fund?

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      Has anyone ever used the Armed Citizens Legal Defence Fund?

      I was just looking at their site. They want $85.00 for membership. I was wondering if anyone knows of someone who used them in court or how many cases they defend per year?

      At $85.00 per membership that's $85,000.00 for every 10,000 members who join. At that rate they must do a lot of litigations, or someones making a whole bunch of money.

      Just wondering

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      $85 x 10,000 is $850,000, not $85,000. That's even more money.

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      I think someone is making a lot of money is accurate.....JJ

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      Probably some liberal layer making a ton of money. Join the NRA and look the lawyer who they recommend in your area. Odds are you will get someone who can help you out. Just remember it's never cheap to go to court.

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