A good blade to go with your gun

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      A good blade to go with your gun

      I just purchased 3 swords from trueswords.com

      2 of them (one for my brother) were Dragon Fury Musashi Katana Samurai Swords - 59.99 bucks, and they slice through anything.
      ANother one i bought was a 1060 carbon steel blade also from Musashi 89.99 bucks for a sword that should be 300.

      If you want a real sword, these guys are amazing quality, definitly not display swords. My buddy almost cut his finger completely off by a simple light slip of the sword. Ive been cutting with my Dragon fury at even very low velocities, and its crazy how little effort you put in and it cuts.

      What kinds of blades (knives/ swords) do you guys own. Blades dont run out of ammo lolo

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      My favorite paring knife.

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      A pair of Glocks, along with a pair of Glocks (9mms and Field Knives, with and without root saw):

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