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    Quote Originally Posted by HK Dan View Post
    LOL--Good point Ted. I really had no problem with him before now. Nothing really wrong with Libertatians--I mean they are misguided and wrong about a lot of stuff, but I'll take them over a liberal any day. For one thing they usually listen...<g>
    i really dont care if he is a libertarian or not.... i just wonder how he makes the leap in his mind from that to being a federal law enforcement officer when one of the major reasons to be libertarian is less federal government and less laws.

    this is like wanting to work for the alcohol beverage control in a muslim country

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    Well, more like being a devout muslim wanting to open a liquor store in a muslim country--a non alcoholic liquor store. It's pointless, everyone you know hates the idea, but you're sure it would fly and you're equally sure that it should be illegal. Because anyonbe but you would be doing it for the wrong reason...LOLOLOL. The man called me and my two sons Nazis. For fighting in defense of our country! I drove a tank in the first Iraq war. I killed Iraqis. My son has been in firefights in Afghanistan. He's killed Afghanis (well, he says Jordanians). Nazis. Fact is we were fighting for our lives and for the lives of our buddies, not for the flag or for freedom, nor for any lofty ideal. Nazis. If I met Jake on the street and he said that...well, let's not go there.

    Semper Fidelis,

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